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We import luxury for you. We are one of the leading brands of bespoke luxury furniture, home accessories and lighting fixtures.

About Us

Shahrukh Enterprises established Giorgio Rosso in May 2017 with a vision to be the first choice for modern furniture in the market and to inspire interior design gods for amazing transformations

We offer hassle-free experience

Each piece at Giorgio Rosso speaks luxury

Craftsmanship is at the heart of Giorgio Rosso

We promise safe furniture delivery

Quality-performance is never compromised here

Why Choose Us

When you shop Giorgio Rosso you’re going to see luxury one of a kinds:

Quality & Excellence
Product Delivery
Design Execution

Our Products

Check out our vault of luxury furniture pieces, statement light fixtures and home accessories.

Shahrukh Jamal CEO, Giorgio Rosso

Giorgio Rosso was founded with the philosophy to contribute to building sustainable relationships with the stakeholders while also making it easier for the clients to connect with the interior designers through quality service and diverse product range.

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